Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Family Dynamic

Just as I was concluding the previous (chronologically) post by stating that DC Comics did not have either a Canadian or family-based team, it struck me that I was arguably quite wrong.

In late 2008, DC announced a 6-part book called Family Dynamic. Here is the solicitation:

Written by J. Torres
Art by Tim Levins & Dan Davis
Cover by Sean Galloway

Pyralis! Sirocco! Troylus! Terran! This is The Family Dynamic, defenders of Storm City who use their mystical Elemental Rings to battle the forces of evil. But what happens when members of their extended family want in on the superhero action? They say the family that plays together stays together – but does that count when they’re playing the good guys? Find out in this exciting new 6-issue miniseries by writer J. Torres (WONDER GIRL) and artist Tim Levins (BATMAN: GOTHAM ADVENTURES).
Storm City was a fictional (obviously) Canadian town so this team fit both categories.

Unfortunately, the book bombed, though reviews by those who did get it were quite good. Due to poor pre-orders, it was reduced from six issues to three and the characters have not (to my knowledge) been heard from since. Here's how Levins described the news on his deviant art account.
...but somehow I think the misclassification of The Family Dynamic as a Johnny DC book (geared mainly towards kids), along with the total lack of any promotion whatsoever from DC Comics, might have played a teeny-weeny part in our premature demise.
Yeah, just maybe.

While I love the idea of fleshing out the Force Family, given the choice I think I would prefer to see the Family Dynamic given another chance with another publisher. I'm not particularly interested in seeing the Dynamics roped into the rest of the DC Universe and therefore shoehorned into every event that ripples through its various titles.

So if the possibility of the Force Family ever being featured is extremely remote, what are the odds of ever seeing the Family Dynamic return? Let's let Torres talk about that aspect of it (from the CBR forums):
...we're trying to work something out with DC. Keep those fingers crossed. Will report when I have something to share.
And that's the last post in the thread, so you can reach the obvious conclusion.

Too bad, this has the feel of a blown opportunity by DC. Hopefully someone else sees potential here and gives it a chance (assuming DC plays along).

Edit: In response to comments on deviantart, Levins said the following:
We get the rights back after a couple years, so perhaps we'll approach other publishers then.
So maybe the possibility isn't so remote after all!

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