Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sparx and the Force Family

Sparx is among the characters I came across while looking for Canadian content among DC Comics a few weeks ago. Here she is, cropped off the cover for Superboy and the Ravers #6.

Frankly, at first glance, she didn't seem particularly interesting so I ignored her when suggesting (in jest) Justice League Canada. But her entry on comicvine refers to the rest of her super-powered family and that part was intriguing. Here's an excerpt:
The Force Family are the largest and probably only mainstream continuity supergroup in DC Comics' Canada...The Force Family lives in a rustic yet high tech Fantastic Four styled compound in the fictional town of Timberton, British Columbia. And it appears that the entire town of Timberton is populated by members of their extended family. The town of Timberton also hosts a Force Family museum, filled with statuary which seem to indicate that they have been operating since the time of the Roman Empire.
The bulk of Sparx's appearance were in Blood Pack (ugh) and Superboy and the Ravers (groan). A few members of the Force Family seems to have shown up in only a few issues of the latter.

A lot of comics sucked in the 90's so I'm not kidding myself; probably these characters were part of that stew. But I could see a good writer squeezing something out of this.

Marvel has a Canadian team, and they have a "fantastic" family-based team. DC has neither (I know they did briefly...more on that later) but they could update these characters, who are barely more than blank slates anyway, and combine the two aspects in one package. It'll never happen, but I'd love to see it.

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