Sunday, April 1, 2012

"In Case You Missed It", Art Edition, Volume One, Part Two

If you've already viewed "part one" and surfed around a bit, you've likely come across this gem from Geoff Isherwood.  Not only do we get more Captain Canuck goodness, but Commander Steel is featured this time.

Title:     Standard Comics Team-Up #180 - Cyborilla, Captain Canuck, Commander Steel
Artist:     Geof Isherwood (Penciller)
Artist:     Geof Isherwood (Inker)
Media Type:     Pen and Ink

Commander Steel hasn't had a lot of face time here yet, simply because I don't know all that much about him, but I look forward to learning more.  He is, for those who are not familiar with him, one of the many 40's era characters that still captures the imagination today, though doesn't quite get the "publicity" that Nelvana and Johnny Canuck do.  He was included in Ty Templeton's Northern Guard book that came out in late 2010 (issue one) and early 2011 (issue two).

Geoff Isherwood is a contributor to the Heroes of the NorthHere is his "tag" on their blog.  Scroll down to the cover for Medusa.  How friggin' great is that??

Edit, April 13th:  The black and white version that was posted up until today has been replaced by one coloured by Christopher Ivy.  Here is the page for that version.


  1. The original black and white one is in my gallery here:

  2. Some more Canadian WWII era heroes here

  3. Ah yes. I had intended to refer to it later but it slipped my mind.

    Thanks for the reminder. I just love these and like one person commenting said, I'd kill to be able to buy something like it.