Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Vacation Reading, part 3: Legion Unleashed

Finally...Legion Unleashed!

This is one of the books that caused me to start this blog.  It was the discovery of Legion Unleashed and the Red Leaf Comics line which made me realise, appreciate, and wish to share that there are Canadian superhero comics options out there.

It has taken me a little while to obtain them.  My plan was to wait for print versions but the only opportunity to do so to this point was through IndyPlanet and I struggle to order from them.

However, creator and writer Richard Evans recently offered the first two issues as pdf files for $1 each so I happily took advantage.  If you'd like to as well, while the offer stands, click the above and select the "buy now" button rather than the Graphically link.

A few things that stood out to me:

  • For the most part, these are not the "typical" Canadian characters.  Off the top of my head, I can not think of many Canadian superheroes with stretching powers like Plasti-Girl.  I can not think of an archer, especially one with enhanced speed like The Arrow.  The flag-waiver is a standard but the one in this book (Black Flag), as I've mentioned before, reminds me in appearance to The Authority's Midnighter.
  • Without giving anything away, the choice of antagonists in issue two is...unpredictable.
  • Combining the "extras" in these two issues with the Handbook to the Canadian Legion material, it is quite clear that the surface is barely scratched in terms of the stories Evans wants to tell.  These characters (including the villains) have deep backgrounds that have yet to be revealed. And there are many more characters to be revealed as well.
  • Let's give a little nod for customer service.  My copy of issue #1 had a couple of pages out of order.  No big deal, it wasn't during a key point of the story.  But evidently Richard noticed and contacted me to provide me with a corrected version of the book.  I wouldn't have said anything so the gesture was appreciated.

  • All told, a great addition to the TSOG library.  When #3 is available, it won't take me so damn long to add it to the collection.

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