Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mountie Madness part 3: Space Mounties

French is my first language and like many for whom that happens to be true, I grew up reading Asterix, Tintin, Lucky Luke, etc.  Those books managed to be both fun and educational.

This one...maybe not so much.

I wonder if, as I learn more about Mounties in literature, I'll be able to see a clear turning point when they went from respected lawbringers like King and Preston in the 50's to a silly joke.

Not that I don't love the idea of Mounties in space.  What's not to love about that??!

But this book just sounds lousy.  To recap the recap, Marcus Brodie and Gordon MacPherson are two irredeemable slackers who are shipped off to a strange planet by their asshole superior. They arrive to find out that their primary function will be to deliver the mail.  They also find out that their predecessors all died in mysterious ways, then get themselves into hilarious shenanigans, each situation wackier than the last!

Here's a sample page:

Meh.  It doesn't appear to be very good and therefore as though it was very successful. Only three books were released, the first in 2001, the last in 2004.  Nothing since.

But coming across this reminded me of another option that I had totally forgotten:  Superspace.

Remember the ending to Captain Canuck: Unholy War #4, or rather the four page preview at the end?  That Captain Canuck (David Semple), after giving up his mask and returning to mountie work "full time" was abducted by a spaceship.

The ensuing story was told over eight webisodes.  They are still available on the Hot Hail Comics site and were created by the primary people behind CCUW, Riel and Dru Langlois, as well as a few others including Myles Langlois.

There is another title named Apollo Gauntlet available as well but I admit to not being familiar with that one.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to have been much activity from Hot Hail in the past three years or so as many of the site's pages are dead or blank.  I do know that Dru Langlois drew the cover to the third issue of Red Leaf Comics' The Leaf last year but I have not found any recent work by Riel.

If anyone is aware of any additional work being done by the Langlois's in this field, I'd appreciate being directed to it.

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