Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trapped on IndyPlanet, part 1: Team North America

In the post about the Legion Unleashed books, I mentioned struggling with ordering from 

Unfortunately, Legion Unleashed was not the only book I've been unable to buy (whether in print or digitally) from that site.  Another series of book that drew my attention some time back on that site were the Argo Comics Anthologies.

Argo comics are based in New York (I believe) and appear to have a very varied cast, in terms of nationalities if nothing else.  Here is a portion of the solicitation for their first anthology book:
In this issue mythological beasts are on the loose in Brazil and England and the Impact heroes from Germany, England, USA, Greece, Russia, Brazil, Japan, Italy, India, and France unite to face the threats head on!
Ooh!  Do I dare dream that their line will include Canadian characters??

Sho' Nuff!  Here is the beginning of the solicitation for the 3rd Anthology.

Canadians, Americans, Mexicans, and Central Americans unite as we ask the question, "Are demons unfairly treated?". Find out as we meet the super-team known as Team North America.

I have been asking myself for YEARS whether demons were unfairly treated so it's comforting to know that someone can finally provide me with the answer.  ;-)

The only potential drawback is that with three stories, several pin-ups, etc, the actual Canadian content may not be great.  Regardless, I've been able to reach Argo Comics, and they're making an effort to get their product out to me directly, so I feel compelled to support them.

Something else which may be of interest is a contest over at in which the winner gets his or her character published in one of the Argo books.  Check that out right here.  Pretty cool idea.

I think this one will ultimately work out and I hope to be ble to say more about Team North America in a few weeks.

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