Thursday, April 26, 2012

Trapped on IndyPlanet, part 2: THUNDER

While being unable to order from IndyPlanet has been frustrating, I have to admit to being grateful for having been introduced to Canadian characters, creators and/or publishers through their listings. That is how I first found Thunder and with this book we get the triple-crown.

Let's check out the sales pitch:
A terrorist is threatening to blow up a dam. Out of nowhere comes THUNDER, a flying man who can throw lightning bolts. Who is this supernatural stranger? Meet Devon Wells, a polite Canadian man with a half-mortal, half-god heritage, trying to find his way in the world-- which involves technological armor, old gods, magical powers, computer geeks and aliens!

Half-mortal, half Norse God, Devon Wells returns home to Canada after a youth spent in Asgard and steps onto the path to becoming a hero.
A polite Canadian?  Is that not redundant? ;-)

This book is a Two Gargoyles Graphics production, based out of Calgary.  Thunder seems to be something of a departure for them when compared to some of their other titles like...huh...Diaperman and The Spanker. (???)

Peculiarly, there is no link to this series on the company's website. They do have a dedicated page but it is somewhat hidden, for some reason (probably just that the site is due for an update).

And of course one of the "gargs" (Michael McAdam) has a deviantart page.  Check that out for some preview art as well as the cover to #2.

They're fairly active on their Facebook page, the link to which is provided on the front page of their website.

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