Saturday, April 28, 2012

Trapped on IndyPlanet, part 3: Group of Seven

This is the last part of this unfortunate series involving books I can not purchase from IndyPlanet, though if my memory is sound Group of Seven is the first book that caught my eye when surfing the site.

As it should.  Check out the cover to #1.   If you're looking for books with Canadian characters, these guys would be hard to miss.

There are two issues of this book available...I guess.  There's a bit of an oddity here in that IndyPlanet offers issues one and three.  #2 is nowhere to be found.

And I mean nowhere.  I've been all over that Google thingy and can not find a website specific to this book, its publisher and/or its creator(s).  It's weird.  My first thought was that creator/writer/illustrator Reg Steacy simply lost interest, but issue 3 was added to IndyPlanet in October of last year.  That's not so long ago, so it doesn't appear to be the case.

I did find a website for Brown Paper Bag Comics which is maintained by a friend of Mr Stacey's named Daniel Barclay.  I have written to him so perhaps he can help Mr Stacey and me connect.

Let's take a look at the solicitation:
With the mysterious return of Canada’s founding father, John A. Macdonald, Canada is elevated to a new age of independent national growth, bringing with it a heightened sense of unrest. There have been many assassination attempts on the Prime Minister’s life as a result of his revolutionary agendas. Many of these attacks have employed super-humans, resulting in the government’s ever growing dependency on Canada’s Premier Super Team, The True North Guardians. However, while an appointed meeting between the Prime Minister and the Maple Leaf takes place to discuss the growing superhuman threats, The True North Guardians are eliminated in one fell swoop. Witness the birth of a new age of heroes, from the ashes of the old.

The Group of Seven is a Canadian Superhero Comic Book set to unfold in 7 Acts. Its narrative structure is unique in so far as each issue (or act) contains three scenes, 7 pages in length, with character biographies separating each scene. These biographies serve a dual function; they provide a rich tapestry of back-story in an immediate and effective manner, and these back-stories serve as direct lead -ins, which relate to the conflicts, situations, and character motivations, at hand.
While the lady in front and center is an eye-grabber, I'm actually kind of curious about Prairies Boy (huh...that's probably not his real name...) over on the right. That's an unusual look and I'd like to know what his abilities are.

The lady in the middle, however, is an art submission contest just begging to happen.  I'd love to see what a variety of illustrators come up with using only the image above as inspiration.

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