Monday, June 4, 2012

Bluefox reimagined. Thoroughly.

Everyone remember Bluefox?  He's the communist agent who infiltrated C.I.S.O. and betrayed Captain Canuck in issue #1 of the first volume of that title.

Christian Comely continues to work on bringing us an updated version of the Captain.  He rarely mentions (for now) the other people he works with by name, but one member of the team stands out on his own on deviantart in Devin Jasztrab.  The image below includes his colours on Christian Comely's pencils/inks.

This is their version of Bluefox.  Based on appearances alone, it would appear that the character's back story will change significantly (never mind the gender change).

There is now a Facebook page created for the CSIS Agent: Captain Canuck book on which Devin has posted more character sketches including Redcoat and the only coloured version of the Captain I've seen to this point.  His deviantart page is here.  Go have a look; there's some good work there and the guy has yet to reach his 20's.  Your proverbial "one to watch".

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