Saturday, June 2, 2012

Oh yeah...Rush from The Authority!

I've looked at a number of different sources in order to identify Canadian characters in comics.  It's probably because she wasn't one of the good guys, but Rush from The Authority (sort of) seems to be frequently overlooked.  I can't criticize; she totally slipped my mind as well.

She wasn't really from the Authority so much as she was from an Authority.  In a story line running between issues 22 to 29 of the original series, the world powers-that-be arrange for the defiant original team to be brought down (extremely hard) and replaced with a similar, but far more compliant, version.

Rush replaced a characters named Swift as the winged member of the team.  She was not prominently featured, which is too bad because she had kind of a cool look.  Here's a partial page from the issue #28 for a glance.

Diggin' those hiking boots.  She was said to be Canada's premiere singer-songwriter, and...Hey, I just got that! ;-)

Aside from piloting the ship, her main contribution is being abused by the Brit prick at bottom right.  Mind you this series, and that story in particular, is filled with atrocities being committed.  Compared to many of the other characters, Rush actually gets off easy by merely being hit on and having melted metal tossed in her face.

Any chance, we'll see Rush again?  Well...probably not.  The original Authority team returned, of course, and Rush is dealt with rather swiftly (no pun intended) when her version of the team is systematically eliminated.  Her final fate isn't specifically clear, but that she was killed is hardly in doubt.  She is last seen, from the shoulders down, apparently hung against a wall with blood soaking down to her legs. Yeah, bad sign.

The only glimmer of hope would be the DC reboot erasing that hiccup from continuity (does the current Superboy punch inconvenient stuff from reality?), but even with a Stormwatch book featuring many characters from The Authority, there's absolutely no reason to believe that Rush will return.  Ah well.

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