Monday, June 18, 2012

Captain Canuck (classic edition) in War of the Independents

I saw War of the Independents #1 in one of my local comic stores months ago.  I knew Captain Canuck was supposed to appear so I was excited to see it.  Mind you, even if I hadn't know, the cover provided a significant clue... know, being that he's front and center and everything.  I flipped through the book, didn't really see the Captain doing much, so I passed on it.

Of course, now I'm kicking my own ass. Since finding out a few weeks back that WotI has a Facebook page, and joining it, picking up news about the project has been far easier. 

Earlier today, a gentleman named Nigel Flood pointed out that a group called the Celtic Clan was appearing for the first time in WotI #3.  And here they are, shaking hands with the good Captain.

Aw, man!  The Captain appears to be in a position of authority, no less!  Now I'm going to have to find a way to get all of these...Click on the picture for the full article as well as another panel in which the Captain appears.

Random points:
  • See the dude in blue at bottom left on the single panel?  That's Winnipeg's Axiom-Man for those who are not familiar with him.  More on him another day.
  • It's quite odd to see Captain Canuck standing next to Faust on the cover.  If you've never had the...uhm...pleasure of coming across it, Faust is the most violent, sex-filled comic I've ever read.  It would make the Joker blush.  Don't accidently leave it on your mom's coffee table.
  • On the other hand, it's extremely cool to see the Captain standing with Mr Monster. That's a character that I intend to look into much more deeply, even though his Canadian-ness has pretty well been stripped away.
  • The International Heroes site provides a scorecard based on promotional art. It includes other Canadian characters such as Black Flag from Legion Unleashed and Captain Canuck West, but I don't know for certain that they actually appear in the book.

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