Sunday, June 17, 2012

Coming soon: The Mountie Brigade!

Red Leaf Comics' flagship character is named The Leaf.  Coming across the character was an indicator that there are more Canadian characters out there than many people realise and one of the inspirations for starting this blog.  I bought the first three issues of the book in print format right around that time.

There are actually three versions of the character; the Golden Age Leaf who fought in WW2, the Silver Age Leaf, whose adventures take place in the 60's and 70's and one set in the present, the Modern Day Leaf. The three appear in the image below.

As stated in the image above, the three are related.  Walter MacSorly (Golden, left) begat James MacSorly (Silver, right) who begat Michael MacSorly (Modern, middle).

But I was recently made aware that Mike will do some "begetting" of his own.

Red Leaf is working on stories of The Mountie Brigade.  And the MacSorly name comes up again.
In the year 2125, Angus MacSorly and the rest of the 101st Mountie Brigade protect the Martian Territories from aliens and other threats trying to destroy Mars Dome One.
Let's have a look:

Looks a touch more dignified than Space Mounties.

Red Leaf has just started a Facebook page specific to The Leaf in addition to their own account.  They also provide updates about their various projects on the website's message board.

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