Friday, June 29, 2012

New page: Solicitations!

This is a new page located at the top right, under the banner. 

For now, it carries little more than a copy of this text.  Before long it will display the expected release date (or at least month) of material (comics, books) involving the various characters discussed on TSOG and the method by which said material can be obtained (print-and-mail, pdf, graphicly, comixology, etc).  The page will be "cleaned up" on the first of each month (give or take).

The focus will be on the independent publishers primarily for the simple reason that Marvel and DC hardly need my help, unless it's a lesser-known character (DC's Plastique comes to mind).  Also, I want to avoid indy books being smothered by the solicitations for the hundreds (all right, it might be only dozens...) of books in which Wolverine appears.

The listed date may not be solid, as delays can and will happen, but it should at least serve as a guide.  And if something listed for August doesn't see the light of day, I would either move it to the following month or contact the publisher for an update.

The page won't be is a compilation of ALL Canadian indy comics coming out.  Some Canadian companies release several books, trades, etc, in a year, but many of those do not feature Canadian characters.  I prefer to promote (to whatever degree I can) stories about Canadian characters in a Canadian setting.

Seems like a good Canada Day weekend project to take on. :-)

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