Monday, July 2, 2012

DC to introduce Canadian hero in Earth-2

If Canada Day were a gift-exchanging holiday, James Robinson would have done right by Canadian comics fans yesterday.

DC Comics actually has a number of Canadian characters, though none is particularly prominent.

Almost two years ago now, the following appeared on the message board courtesy of a poster named Troy Osgood.  It is a copy of a series of tweets by writer James Robinson.
For all those Canadians who've been Twittering me -- I have actually come up with a Canadian character for DC, with a grandfather who's a new Golden Age Canadian character that I've made up too (so he's in the spirit of DC's legacy characters.) Not sure when I'll get yo (sic) introduce him though, so bear with me. Hopefully you'll get to meet him before too long. And when I say character I mean superhero obviously.
To my knowledge, little had been said about it since.  But Mr Robinson made a mention of this character yesterday, again on Twitter.  Keith Callbeck opened things up...
Happy Canada Day! @djjurgens made Booster Canadian, @JamesDRobinson is planning a Canadian hero. New 52 loves Canada! @DCComics
And James Robinson confirmed (CubReporterK is Mr Callbeck's Twitter nickname).
Indeed Happy Canada Day! Oh and @CubReporterK , the Canadian hero will first appear in E2 #5.
If the plan for this character are still for him to have a legacy dating back to WW2, then presumably there are plans for him to have a little more lasting power than other Canadian DC characters.

Earth-2 #5 should be available in early October.  Issue three comes out this month, and therefore #4 will be out in August, but #5 will be pushed back while DC has it's zero-month event in September.  I look forward to the October solicitation being available.

Oh, and I'm still not convinced Booster Gold is Canadian. :-)

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