Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stallion Canuck and Captain Spyd.e.r

Though his appearances are limited, many sites about Canadian and/or Native superheroes make mention of Stallion Canuck.  Here is his entry on the International Superheroes site.

I used to check the King Led Comics website regularly for updates about this character.  This is the last one I'm aware of, from 2004:
Following the astounding events of OK-12, the one and only Stallion Canuck powerfully gallops into his very own mag where international conspiracies force the patriotic hero to think on a global level. 
With the dissolution of the Canadian Organization Against Superhuman Threat also known as C.O.A.S.T and the creation of the Continental Organization Against Superhuman Threat, Elijah Hoss must decide whether to join a U.N
Super-powered force or expose their covert activities to the rest of the world. 
Can this righteous rebel afford to be brutally hunted not only by his own government but by the entire United Nation's member Countries as well?  Will Stallion except (sic) a position that will give him card blanche on all his activities making his life a whole lot easier or will The Millennium Man choose to struggle on alone? You can find out by reading Stallion Canuck #1.

I wish.  That I know of, that book never came out.  If it did, someone correct me.  And hook me up with a copy. ;-) 

"OK-12" must be a reference to Omega Knights issue #12.  The reason for my uncertainty is that there were a few Omega Knights books published but that I know of the series only reached issue #6.  The King Led site does display an e-comics page, but it has been dead for as long as I can remember.

And while we're scrutinizing the update, the use of "gallops" therein is more than just a play on words on the character's name.  Here's Stallion Canuck in his centaur mode:

Gadzooks...As if this wasn't an action figure waiting to happen!

King Led had another character waiting in the wings that, frankly, interested me even more than Stallion Canuck.  His name was Captain Spyd.e.r.

I don't recall how I first found out about him.  I suspect it was a result of writing to Stallion writer/artist Louis Douzepis to ask about the character on the King Led website's front page.

Mr Douzepis was kind enough to mail Captain Spyd.e.r preview material to me at the time (1998 or so).  I recently came across it while organizing parts of my collection.  I was excited about finding it because I thought it had gotten tossed during a move or spring cleaning (yes, Mrs TSOG, I'm looking at you).  Have a look:

Since the book was never actually released (that I've seen), the 6-page (inside covers included) preview is pretty well all the material that exists "publicly" for this character.  It's actually one of my favourite collectibles because of how stoked I was for this book to come out but apparently it was not meant to be.  The King Led page ceased to be updated and attempts to reach Mr Douzepis since have failed.


  1. Please remove all of the images of Captain Spyder... Louis Douzepis does not own the the copyright of this character and he is not the writer and creator of this comic book he is only the artist...The copyright belongs to Bill Byrne writer/artist of Max Burger P.I.

    1. Then being that my goal is to display the art, I don't see what the problem is.

      Besides, this was preview material, given to me 15 years ago, from which I don't benefit aside from receiving some enjoyment from sharing it.

      Request denied. ;-)