Friday, July 20, 2012

Armo(u)r and Silver Streak

Damn right he won't die!  That's 'cause he's Canadian, beeatch!!

Neal Adams was one of the first artists whose work I sought out as a kid first getting into comics.  I recall seeing a poster for Armor (displaying the cover to issue #1, seen at right) from Continuity Comics at my more-or-less local comic store in the late 80's and flipping out over it. 

Most of the first issue takes place in an unnamed "small town in Canada".  The stories are primarily about brothers Jack and Jacques (really, Mr Adams?) Keaton who are abducted by the aliens destroying their town.  They are trained and/or given abilities by those aliens based on the boys' unusual high potential in different fields; Jack (Armor) as a fighter, Jacques (Silver Streak) as a...huh...miner.

It...makes a little more sense when you read it.  A little.

Like many indy books, then and now, it was released sporadically.  According to the comic book database, only 13 issues of Armor were released between 1985 and 1992.  A second volume of the book emerged for six issues in 1993 but Continuity Comics ceased to be the following year.

If you enjoy Neal Adams' work, then see if you can score some cheap copies of these books.  Mr Adams doesn't handle all the art chores but, in the early days of the series at least, the artists attempted to duplicate his style rather successfully.  Based on later covers (I only own the first seven issues or so) that doesn't appear to be the case throughout the whole series but it's cool while it lasts.

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