Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Many Shields of Canada!

This is pretty well a direct response to a comment made by Nemoidian in an earlier post.  One of Northern Adventure Quarterly's main characters is named The Canadian Shield which prompted the following...
This is the fourth 'Canadian Shield' superhero character I know of. I understand the term lends itself very well to the whole nationalist/heroic milieu, but jeesh!
Lol...Well, I have to come clean and admit that when I created my own little group as a hobby as a kid, that was one of the first names that came to mind too.  It's just such a great name!  And surely no one else has though of it!  Then you do a quick Google search and what do you know...

Just for kicks, let's check out some of the other characters using the name.  Aside from NAQ's mentioned earlier, we'll skip the Heroes of the North version as he has been pointed out before.  Many of these are created for use in role-playing games and such, not necessarily for a comic book.

This one is by Darren Calvert.

"I did this piece a while back as a follow up to an illustration I did for the Golden Age Mutants & Masterminds sourcebook. He was part of a group of multinational WWII-era heroes I created for the illustration. I decided to go for a more traditional style with a pencil drawing overlaid with muted watercolors.

The world needs more heroes with mustaches

Ain't THAT the truth, brother...

The next one is by someone who only refers to himself as "Agent Foo" or "The Foo" on deviantart. Pretty classic look.

The following two are lifted from a message board called  The poster is named Erike and he explains that these are characters from his Heroes Unlimited game.

Then we have this guy:

Canadian Shield is a real life hero whose mission is to inform public, especially children of how to avoid potentially violent situations including being bullied, but also illustrating other POSITIVE LIFESTYLE CHOICES. To this end he makes appearances around the city and has released a comic book reflecting these messages. Ask for promotional material at COVER to COVER and GALAXY comics.
Got to respect the effort there.

Lastly, the Canadian Shield name is used for an entire team, at times.

Inferno. Hunter. Surefire. Brutus. Airstrike. Northwind. Zenith. Gathered to keep the True North Strong and Free, they are the first - and usually last - line of defense for Arctic sovereignty. They are the Canadian Shield.
So that's it for now, but unlikely to be the last time the term will be used in this context.  And one day, when I have more time, I'll round up all the Quebec female characters named Fleur-de-lis. ;-)


  1. Ack! More of them! :)

    The Shields I knew of were the DAQ and HOTN ones, the 'positive lifestyle' Shield and one more not mentioned here: a character created for the short-lived 'Team Epic' live-action series, and the main character (presumably) of the only comic that effort ever produced.

    Unfortunately the Team Epic website seems to have fallen off the face of the web, but a promo featuring the comic (as well as Team Epic leader, Captain Epic) can be viewed here:

    1. I stumbled into Team Epic a few weeks ago and watched the first episode. It was a little...unusual, but I would have liked to have seen gthe rest anyway.

      Truthfully though, I could not recall whether a Canadian Shield appeared in that. I did see some art for a comic book based on the show while doing a Google search of that term but because I wasn't 100% certain, I didn't include it.