Thursday, August 9, 2012

GI Joe "Avec Les Gars de la Police Montée"

Nice touch with the French on the cover below. 

This issue came out well after I'd stopped buying the book.  I only recently became aware of the Joes' mountie-assisted mission in Canada or rather, their mission to assist the Mounties.  According to the Yo Joe synopsis: "Clutch, Rock n Roll, and Chuckles are under fire in Montreal (while) they are serving as advisors for two Mounties."

Figures.  One gets the sensation that the mounties are little else than tag-alongs, eh?  Bah...whatever.  The story continues in issue 98.  The books came out in late '89, early '90.

To be fair though, I was a little surprised at the degree of significance of some of the events that take place in these books.  In the first, the synopsis states that Destro is unmasked and in the second, Cobra Commander returns from apparent death (in a Marvel Comic??  The devil you say!).  Neither event takes place during the story involving the mounties, mind you, based on the Yo Joe recaps.

Also noteworthy is that Geof Isherwood provided the pencils for issue 97.  Oh, and no sign of everyone's favourite, Back-Stop. ;-)

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