Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Code Name: Danger's Captain Energy!

Code Name: Danger was a bi-monthly book published by Lodestone Publishing in the mid-80's.  It only lasted four issues.  Of those, I only own the first two, and of those, I only happened across the second issue while clearing out some basement clutter.

But the comic Gods smiled upon me!  I stopped to flip through the book and was a reminded of a Canadian character that I had totally forgotten.

The series' basic premise is essentially that of a super-powered G.I. Joe team.  When the organization's leader, Paul Makor, finds himself needing a team to complete a mission, he chooses its members from a long-list of agents that are either powered or, like Liam Neeson in "Taken", have a very particular set of skills.

The mission in this issue involves rescuing hostages from a cruise ship.  Makor chooses his people, among them Toronto-based Captain Energy, who has "the power of electromagnetism".  His assistant (named Nicole) is incredulous at the selection, which isn't particularly encouraging.

This Captain is a glory hound and media whore, apparently in competition for publicity with another character named The Stingray (who does not appear in the book, he's just a passing mention).  In fact, it is the promise of a worldwide press conference following a successful completion of the mission which convinces Energy to play along.

Despite his goofy appearance and behaviour (and name), Captain Energy does contribute significantly to the mission.  I don't know if he appeared in the following issues, but as the book relied on a rotating cast, it's quite doubtful.

Additional touch of Can-Con: the letters page in this issue includes one from the notorious T.M. Maple.  But then, so did most comics at the time, so perhaps that's not that big a deal. ;-)


  1. Capt. Energy reappeared in Wally Wood's THUNDER Agents (#5 I believe) in a Code Name Danger crossover. The cross over was never completed, that was the final issue of the book.

    1. Thanks for that. Off to do some digging then. I don't recall if I ever bothered to look beyond that specific publisher for appearances.