Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Heroes of The North: Coda (solicitation)

First Comics News announced the Ardeen Entertainment solicitations for December earlier today.  I updated my own Solicitations page accordingly, but there's so much content and talent on display that I wanted to make it more prominent.  My house, my rules. ;-)

Writers: Yann & Michel Brouillette
Artists: Geof Isherwood, Olivier Raymond, Gibson Quarter.
Cover by Olivier Raymond
Price: $6.99
Full Color, 80 Pages
8 Ball is confronted to the madness of municipal politics, prompting much soul searching. Madame Doom wants an heir and hires Medusa Commander to engineer her a son worthy of her greatness. Discover how a lowly civil servant becomes the sewer lurking menace known as King Komodo! 8 Ball and Black Terror head out to North Korea to free The Canadian and Nordik from the evil clutches of Medusa Commander. What happens will change the Heroes of the North universe forever! All that and much more in the 80 pages conclusion to the first Season of Heroes of the North!
If it hasn't already, it shouldn't be long until "Missions" hits stores as well.  I want to be sure I get my hands on that because these books seem to move pretty fast.

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