Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Masked Mosaic Cover

The Masked Mosaic anthology seems to moving right along.

Earlier this week, co-editor Camille Alexa revealed the book's cover.  A small version of it is on display below, but Mrs Alexa's blog post about it includes a far larger, high quality version as well as some teaser one-liners in regards to the book's content.

Ain't it cool? :-) 

I'm enjoying trying to match parts of the mosaic to the titles of the stories announced and to the teasers in Mrs Alexa's post.  I expect that the guy screaming next to the word "Canadian" is one of the Mexican luchadores wrestling primordial evil in Vancouver, for example. And the red-lipped lady to the left of that image reminds me of the style used for the Batwoman books.  One Steve Thomas is credited (on Twitter) for the work by (the other) co-editor, Claude Lalumière.

Much like True Patriot I would love nothing more than to see become successful enough to warrants future volumes.

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