Saturday, November 10, 2012

Les Supérieurs t-shirt

I've been following the Watchguard Universe since stumbling across Runabout a few months ago during a Google image search.  In the weeks since, a few more members of the Watchguard U's Canadian team, Les Supérieurs, have been revealed and Charlie McElvy, the man behind the Watchguard Universe, has run a successful Kickstarter campaign geared towards funding the first comic book based on his characters.  To this point, they had been created specifically for a supplement to a role-playing game.

Back when I first posted about Runabout, I commented that he'd look great on a t-shirt.  Several of the Watchguard Universe characters had already found their likeness copied onto cotton, but no member of Les Supérieurs (Runabout's team) received that treatment. Earlier in the week, I joked with Charlie (on Twitter) about now demanding a Supérieurs shirt.  To my surprise, Charlie called my bluff and prepared one.

Click on the image above to open the page on which these are being sold in a separate tab.

Man of my word, I ordered it that evening and was notified by Redbubble the following morning that it had shipped, so I'm quite grateful for their speedy service.

As to the Supérieurs team itself, the following was posted by Charlie on the Watchguard Facebook page in September:
I'll be bundling all of the Supérieurs together, adding in some villains & standees, and an adventure or two to give them a full sourcebook of their own (not as large as the WG one, though). If you own the individuals, you'll be getting a massive-discount code.
The standees (pdf's which detail an individual character's background, powers, etc) were released as samplers.  You could purchase them for $1 each (still can) to get a feel for the content of the Watchguard soucebook.  I already have those, including WW2-era heroine Lynx, so I'm pleased to hear that there are still plans to expand that corner of the Watchguard Universe.

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