Saturday, December 1, 2012

Blackbird and Little Wing!

I arrived home from work yesterday to discover that the perk I'd "bought" during an indiegogo campaign run but J. Torres and Jack Briglio had arrived. No better way to start the weekend!

This one was the 3-part Family Dynamic mini-series published (half-heartedly, mind you) by DC Comics in 2008.  All three books came to me signed by Torres and artist Tim Levins, as advertised.

I won't dwell much on the "immediate" Dynamic Family because, well, I have before. But because the same four characters (mom, dad and the two sons) were displayed on promotional/preview material, I hadn't stopped to consider the possibility of an "extended" family.  It is revealed early on there are additional clan members fighting crime in Storm City, and that previous generations have done so as well.

Here's a look at a couple of the other characters sharing the Dynamic Universe.

I don't know the extent to which The Family Dynamic will appear in the upcoming True Patriot anthology.  The book will be 100 pages long, but will include several stories.  On the average, they should each be about 15-16 pages in length.  So there may not be a lot of room for Blackbird and Little Wing, but my limited exposure to them in this mini-series makes me hopeful that there'll be more opportunities to read about their adventures in the future.  True Patriot, volume 2, perhaps?

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