Thursday, December 6, 2012


The following is a recent press release from Crystal Fractal Comics.  They are putting an awful lot of effort in this Redorik campaign, to which I've contributed, so don't be surprised to see more information up about them added here in the coming days.  Click on the logo below to reach their website.

Crystal Fractal Comics
has begun a crowdfunding effort in hopes of completing its Redorik comic book series as a 96-page graphic novel.

“With several of the smaller distributors that used to support indie books shutting down over the last few years, crowdfunding has become one of the few mechanisms to get a project funded and completed,” said Derrek Lennox, Publisher and Founder of Crystal Fractal Comics.

Crowdfunding is a means through which fans of any creative property can contribute funds to creators towards the completion of creative projects. Crystal Fractal Comics has taken a step in this direction, turning to Indiegogo in hopes of completing Redorik, a story about a young man named Justin Henderson who begins to develop strange, mystical powers.

A star member of his high school’s swim team, Justin begins to have strange nightmares narrated by a dark voice, a voice he begins to hear when he’s awake. Living in a greyed world, Justin is destined to face greater challenges with each step he takes as his assumed role as a superhero forces him to chart the course of his own morality, torn between his ethics and the dark voices deep inside him.

“Think of Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Punisher, etc. They justify their reasoning and actions, perhaps under the guise of being a hero. We’ll be seeing first hand, this aspect through Justin becoming what he thinks is a superhero,” said Redorik writer Howard Wong, who’s best known for his work on Image Comics’ After the Cape series. “Deep down there is a lot happening behind the mask, but they use all of it to be the hero….But what Justin thinks is himself convincing him that he’s doing the right thing, is anything but. If you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust?”

Crystal Fractal Comics is a Toronto-based comic book publishing company specializing in original comic book stories set within a mystical universe. The company has published several titles, including its Legends… series of First Nations stories.

For more information, media requests:

Derrek Lennox, Founder/Publisher
Crystal Fractal Comics

Andrew Ardizzi, Senior Editor
Crystal Fractal Comics

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