Monday, December 10, 2012

Rebel Comics

I have been working sporadically on a Publishers page (see above right) intended to direct something of a spotlight towards based-in-Canada comic creators, provide at-a-glance information about their product(s) and the means by which to acquire them.

In doing so, I have come across Rebel Comics out of Cochrane, Alberta.  Of the five publishers on the page as I write this, two are from that province.  When Rebel is ready to be added to the mix, and taking Two Gargoyles into account (despite my inability to actually sample their product), that is four indy publishers in three different towns within the province.  Wild Rose country appears to be well-represented!

I mention Rebel's "readiness" because at the moment, their comics are not available.  I contacted them through their website and received a reply to the effect that digital versions of their books are currently a work in progress.

That's good to hear because they seem to have some interesting story ideas and visuals.  Check those out here, as well as the promotional piece for one of their series below.

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