Saturday, January 12, 2013

ICYMI Art: The (Modern Day) Leaf by Lancelot Catan

The following colour blast was posted by Mr Catan on the Red Leaf Comics Facebook page earlier this month.

To view many more examples of Catan's colouring work, check out his own Facebook page.  While he sometimes colours over someone else's pencils and/or inks, this version of Red Leaf's flagship character is entirely his.

Another point of interest: If you do happen to visit the Red Leaf page, you'll see the following comment by Richard Evans:
To the great guys at Red Leaf Comics and Celtic Clan, I DO plan on sending you guys a script, I am looking forward to working on your characters, I just need a BIT more time to get organized. February I'll do those scripts and my surprise Doctor Who fanfic project.
Evans, to those who may not aware, released two issues of Legion Unleashed, very much a Canadian superhero team.  I stopped following his updates because, a few months back, it appeared as though he chose to leave the comics industry altogether.

Evidently not.  It seems more accurate to say that he chose to stop publishing comics, as he is still clearly involved as a writer.  Here is his studio's Facebook page, though his Wordpress blog may be a better source of information in regards to his various writing projects.

Looking forward to see what emerges from this combination of two personal favourites!

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