Saturday, January 19, 2013

Surprise Omega Flight appearance (maybe)

I can't imagine anyone saw even a mention of Omega Flight coming, let alone a potential appearance.  Here is the solicitations for Avengers #10, scheduled for release at the end of April.

(W) Jonathan Hickman (A) Mike Deodato (CA) Dustin Weaver
50th Anniversary Variant by Daniel ACUÑA
  • We learn that the Canadian super team Omega Flight got lost in a Garden Origin Site.
  • Discover what happens when the Avengers go in to rescue them.
  • Learn why ADAPTATION is the scariest word in the Marvel Universe.
How about that?

Now if the book is focused on the search for Omega Flight, there's a chance that the team itself will not be seen, of if they are, that it will be a brief appearance.  Nonetheless, the possibility that the group still exists in some form is pretty interesting.

That said, I'm a little surprised to see them referred to as a Canadian group.  Of the six members, only two were Canadian (for those just joining us, they were Sasquatch and Talisman, seen at right).  It may be that Marvel means to say a Canada-based super-team.

But maybe not.

Sasquatch, of course, was in the recent Alpha Flight mini-series but Talisman does not appear to have had many significant appearances since the Omega Flight book was being published.  Assuming that this is not some alternate reality gimmick (and I suspect that it's exactly that, especially since that looks like a re-imagined version of Aurora on the cover), she seems like a good candidate for inclusion in the storyline.

It would be a pleasant (if unlikely) surprise to find out that Talisman continued the group in some capacity, perhaps as an underground team while Alpha Flight is more visible.  It's fun to speculate as to which obscure Canadian Marvel character, whether a hero or a villain-turned-good-guy, could be a candidate for membership.


  1. Did you see the coverage on the Prairie Dog blog of that Avengers issue where Validator, Wendigo-the-Latest and the rest showed up...and what happened to Regina therein?

    1. I don't recall whether or not I did, though I did buy that issue of Avengers (digitally). And hated it. As expected the Omega Flight characters were little more than Star Trek redshirts and giving up what Validator said blows the ending. Lousy book.