Sunday, February 3, 2013

Files of Number None

The Masked Mosaic and True Patriot anthologies have gathered a little more press to this point, but Vancouver publisher Cloudscape Comics continues to work on an anthology of their own.

recently announced an interesting feature for their book, open to people who may want to contribute.  The full version of the blog post is located here, but the bulk of the information is copied below.
The final section of the book is to be the “Number None Files,” the supposed files of Number None, a fictional division of the Canadian government that monitors superhumans. This section would include bios of various superheroes and supervillains, in the manner of “DC’s Who’s Who”...

Your character can be a superhero or a supervillain; it can be someone with superpowers, super-technology, or just an iconic gimmick. It can be from the past, the present, or the future. It could be a street-level crimefighter, a superspy, the champion of a dying fantasy world, or anything you like. All that is required is that your character be either born in Canada, currently operating in Canada, or both.

If you’re (interested) in creating a character, then send me a black-and-white full body image of the figure with 4 length x 6 height image proportions as well as info about the hero or villain. The info can be in note form, as I’ll be writing all of the entries up together so they have a cohesive style. For information, include the characters’ name (both names of they have a secret identity), alter ego (if relevant), base of operations (city, province, etc.), origin, most important deeds, superpowers and technology,  and anything else it would be important to know.

Deadline for submissions is February 28th. Send all submissions to...Bevan Thomas, at
Do you have a character floating around in your head that you'd like to see in print?  This could be a good opportunity to make that happen.

Just for kicks, and perhaps as an example, I want to include a piece that I've come across on deviantart. 

The art is by Allan Crocker based on a character created by Shawn Webster.

I love the use of iconic characters in the background, mixed in with lesser known ones.  The character at middle left, for those who are not aware, is the creation of one Gaston25 and is named The Fightin' Canuck.  I believe the character across from him is Captain Canada and assume that the bad-ass at bottom right is Black Flag from Legion Unleashed.

Cool stuff.  I'll be interested in seeing the degree of variety in what is submitted to Cloudscape Comics since many Canadian characters are quite similar. So if I may add another rule, please, no "Canadian Shield" or "Fleur-De-Lys" suggestions. ;-)

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