Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mask of the Red Panda #1 Cover Reveal and Release Date Announcement!

I guess those involved with this comic book know how to keep a secret.  Or work quickly.

The three-issue limited series was first revealed on the Decoder Ring Theater Facebook page (or at least that's the first place I saw it) in mid-December, and now the actual release date of February 27th (digitally, on Comixology, from Monkeybrain Comics) is confirmed on their blog, along with a look at the cover (now copied below).

For an indie publisher, that seems like very fast production.  But no one should mistake that for a complaint.  I very much enjoy this character and he'll be a same-day-as-release digital purchase.  He'll also be a trade paperback acquisition, assuming it is eventually offered in that format.  And in light of the variety of ways in which The Red Panda's adventures are told, it would be shocking if it wasn't.

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