Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pierre Villeneuve and the Flashback Universe

As an addition to the previous post, something else I've seen more frequently than I expected when I began this little project is talent seeking talent, mostly in the form of writers looking for reliable artists.

While this blog is typically devoted to Canadian characters, from time to time I'll try to spotlight Canadian talent in the hope that he or she might benefit from whatever little "exposure" I can provide.  I did so with Mike Campeau and his Krimzon Kaine book last May and it's something I should probably do more often in an effort to be supportive.  it probably won't help, but it certainly won't hurt.

(Campeau, by the way, is working on issue two of his own Kaine book, and has art duties for the Legacy book by Andrew Lorencz's September 17th Productions.  More on that later, but see the expected cover below)

So with that in mind, today I'll direct a little attention to Pierre Villeneuve and his work with the Flashback Universe.

I considered writing about Pierre and the Flashback Universe some time ago, but a post on their Facebook page made it sound like it has been dormant for a few months.  Also, Pierre had not contributed to their blog since November, raising questions as to his current involvement.  Regardless, his talent is still on display on their blog, as well as his Comic Art Fan page.

Among the Flashback Universe's (free) downloads, I would recommend "Same Time Next Year". While not an "adventure" as such, it does serve to display several characters and provide some background information about the universe itself.  The book can also be viewed as a webcomic on this page.  Here is, spoiler free, the final page as a sample.

Pierre's contact information can be found on a fact sheet on his Comic Art Fan page.

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