Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Red Ensign (Allied Forces)

I may not be able to purchase comics from IndyPlanet, but that doesn't make them entirely useless to me.  I still check the site from time to time to have a look at the new releases.

The following is listed among the new books for March:

I always check international teams for Canadian characters, and was fairly optimistic about this one in light of the subject matter.

Sure enough the "Allied Forces"  appropriately enough have a Canadian character.  Here is her description from a successful Kickstarter project of a couple of years ago.
THE RED ENSIGN. Draped in one of Canada’s historic flags, The Red Ensign can grow to sixteen feet. A towering symbol of her country, she helps bring the Nazis down to size!
Sweet.  I swiped the following image from the Allied Forces Facebook page.

Pretty bad-ass, eh?  Meanwhile, the four gentlemen are, from left to right, The Doomster (Scotland), The Bomber (Australia), Le Coq Gaulois (France) and The Great Briton (England, natch).

Seems like a nice addition to the Canuck pantheon.  Hope to get my hands on this one day, if Sunday Knight Comics makes it available through means other than IndyPlanet.

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