Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Skyfire of Les Supérieurs

Charlie McElvy continues to release pieces of his Supérieurs team as part of his greater Watchguard universe.  See the tag at right for past examples.

Skyfire below is the most recent reveal, although he's been simmering for some time. A work-in-progress image of the character appeared on the Watchguard Facebook page in February 2012.

There is still more to come.  Villains are now being made available, starting with Kodiak, and judging from other past Facebook posting, there is at least one more Supérieur on the way.

Being that these pdfs are detailed bios of characters, including place of birth and/or base of operation, I've taken the time to add the various team members to the map.

Watching this universe grow piece by piece is a lot of fun.  I love how the character designs have similarities, but avoid being near-identical.  Can't wait until the next piece!

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