Friday, March 22, 2013

Tartarus #1 from Mike Campeau Comics

In similar fashion to an earlier post about Pierre Villeneuve's work for Flashback Comics, let's give Mike Campeau Comics a longer look.

Clicking on the above cover will take you to the IndyPlanet page where you just might be able to purchase the book.  I personally can't, and I don't believe the problem is at my end, but maybe I'm wrong and you'll be able to. Good luck!

Campeau was talked about here before for his other book, Krimzon Kaine (see label at right).  This one appears to be significantly different in style.
TARTARUS is a unique supernatural action sci-fi about the co-existence and interactions between ghosts and humans in a fictional metropolitan district area known as Pelican city. This limited series can best be described as a social commentary for young adults, hugely inspired by some of our nation’s most debated issues including: immigration reform, war, and capitalism..

The series mostly revolves around the adventures of VECTOR, a cynical and self-centered ghost with the ability to inhabit people’s bodies and minds. The setback to this gift, or curse, is that if he stays in a human for more than twenty-four hours he loses his memory. In addition to this predicament, Vector tries to survive in a world were ghosts have turned from haunters to becoming the hunted.
Mike's got another project (aside from his work for September 17th's Legacy which, again, was mentioned on the March 2nd post) on the way called Shadowsoul.  Haven't heard much about it in quite some time, but I doubt it's totally shelved.  Here's the cover for that.

Mike is easy to find on the 'net, but probably your best resource is his Twitter account.

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