Friday, June 7, 2013

Dry Spell Over!

Things have been quiet on the blog lately.  The two and a half week between posts is probably the longest one since I started this little project early last year.

Don't anyone read anything into that.  There is still plenty of activity involving Canadian characters, creators and publishers.  The delay was mostly caused by a business trip.  I've obtained some material I want to talk about but I need to catch up a bit from having been away.

Here's a bit of a run-down of things I need to get to:

Red Leaf Comics Presents #2: Three stories that take place during World War 2, featuring The Golden Age Leaf, Jill Canada and a new character named Man-Fish.

As has been the case frequently lately, a visit to the Red Leaf website revealed an interesting surprise.  Sky Watcher #4 is listed among the books "still available for purchase" on the store page.  The first three issues included a story about a character named Gryfalcon that took place in North Bay.  It was suposed to conclude in issue #4.

I never did complete that story and it now appears as though I'll finally be able to.  There is no "add to cart" button, mind you, so I'm not entirely certain.

In any event, it's apparently still on the drawing board.  Ideally, I'd love to get a print compilation of the installments in Sky Watcher, and yes, that is a hint on my part. ;-)

Thunder #'s1-3 by Two Gargoyles:  I have yet to receive these books but I'm told they are on the way.  I've had all kinds of difficulty getting my hands on them but Michael McAdam at Two Gargoyles and I have worked out payment and shipping so I should finally get to read them soon.

Last but hardly least, Heroes of the North: Coda.  This 80-page bad boy has been out for a couple of months or so, but I've struggled to get it from the not-so-local comic store.

The solicitation for it has been posted for a while so I won't rehash that.  I will express no small measure of excitement for a Heroes of the North trade paperback that is scheduled for the fall. I originally believed that it was a compilation of the three omnibus books released to date.  While that is true, there's 200 pages of new material tacked on as well!

But before all that, I need to dive into Coda! Back soon!

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