Monday, May 20, 2013

Spinnerette's League of Canadian Superheroes

I will admit that this is not a style to which I'm particularly attracted.  But since many Canadian characters are quite similar,  it's easy to appreciate the originality of this bunch.

I really want that cat lady's coat...

So first things first; I found out about this team when directed to the very successful Kickstarter campaign for Spinnerette, Volume 3.   Spinnerette is a web comic based in Columbus, Ohio, but the character has received the proverbial assist from the "unfailingly cheerful" League of Canadian Superheroes throughout her adventures.  Not only will that also be applicable to the third volume, but a portion of the story will take place in Canada.

Sounds cool.  So who are these guys?  Let's do this left to right.  The info below is lifted from the Spinnerette Wiki.
Werewolf of London, Ontario
As his name suggests, he is a werewolf. He remains in his wolf form because to cope with the loss of a friend, he decided to stay in his bestial state, and was eventually unable to revert back to human form.

Katt O' Nine Tails
A French-Canadian catgirl with nine prehensile tails. According to Heather (Spinnerette), she was working at an animal shelter and somehow found a magical cat that hid there since the War of 1812.

Katt's tails double as combat tentacles, they are quite dextrous and possess the strength to throw a car. She's able to ball her tails together into the shape of a fist.

Minerva is a Cerberus and guardian of Hell whose job is to capture wayward evil spirits and bring them back. She is apparently named after an ancient Roman goddess. While the Roman Minerva was part of a triad of goddess, this Minerva is a tripartate being, in keeping with her cerberus nature.

Green Gable
A descendant of the original Anne of Green Gables. Despite being a male, his family made him wear the girly outfit, on the basis that Green Gable is a Legacy Character passed from mother to child, and just because that child is a boy is no reason to end the tradition.

Minerva is not on the above shot, but I don't know how Canadian she really is anyway...

The ongoing Canadian content doesn't appear to be a coincidence.  Here's writer KrazyKrow's bio.
KrazyKrow is a webcomic veteran with over 12 years of writing experience. His first comic, Krakow, was first published in the University of Calgary student newspaper before leaping onto the web. Spinnerette is his first foray into the world of superheroes!
So while he appears to be based out of Chicago these days, it seems he has some history here.

Not my usual deal, but I have to admit to being very curious.  I'll be keeping an eye on Spinnerette going forward and hoping for a League of Canadian Superheroes special. ;-) 

Hell, I'd be happy with a Katt O' Nine Tails solo.  She looks like she could be quite cool.  Get a load of this image of her by Paolo Barrios.

Damn I so badly want that coat...


  1. Never heard of these guys before! Thanks for the discovery!

  2. There was also a member named Captain Alberta, who gained the power to control water from a fracking accident. However, he was a jerk and became a villain after he got kicked off the team.