Thursday, July 11, 2013

2013 Joe Shuster Awards poster

The Joe Shuster Awards website revealed the image below earlier today.  It was announced as poster #1, implying (hopefully) that there are more to come.

Most of these lads require no introduction, but in regards to the three along the left side, we are told...
The three bubbles on the left side spotlight some of the great creations of our Hall of Fame Inductees for 2013 — The Iron Man, the first Canadian superhero as created by Vernon Miller for Better Comics, Neil the Horse by Katherine Collins (formerly known as Arn Saba), and finally Thunderfist, by Murray Karn.
I haven't talked about Thunderfist much, simply because I haven't had the opportunity to read his stories.  So for a better look, here's the cover to Active Comics #16 (from, I believe, 1943) on which he gorilla presses...a gorilla.  I guess that's appropriate.

The International Heroes website has a pretty detailed write-up on this character.  Let's check that out while we wait for another Shuster Awards poster to be revealed.

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