Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Grenadier from Zenith Comics

The artwork below is from Alex Williamson.

I found this character while looking further into a Kickstarter campaign just launched by Zenith Comics.

To tell the truth, I nearly dismissed the campaign altogether.  There are a great many such fundraising attempts out there and I can only support so many.  I still have a couple of hundred dollars floating around out there for which I have yet to receive the perk that I bought. I'm not looking to add to that total just yet.

But the project looked like one I might enjoy, so I looked a little further.  It was going through the image gallery on their Facebook page that I found the above artwork. Here's the caption to it:
So Alex Williamson has been playing around with some designs of characters who will be appearing in the prologue to HEROIC. Here is the Canadian! And yes, he grows a Crisis Beard and also pulls the cape over the villains heads and unloads uppercuts! Cheers!
That was last October.  In April, in response to a comment, the person responsible for the Facebook group (all posts are simply under the "Zenith Comics" name) added...
I think Alex outdid himself on this one! Makes me proud to be a Canadian, and moreso I love that we have renamed him the Grenadier! Very strong Canadian history there.
Proud to be Canadian?  In that case, I suspect that both comments are by Montreal's Andrew Collas.  That this might very well be a Canadian publisher wasn't immediately obvious because the campaign is being managed by someone from Rhode Island, and neither the Facebook page or the blog indicate an actual base of operations.

Regardless, while I doubt The Grenadier will get much face time, the book looks quite cool, and I plan on pitching in down the road.  Best of luck to Mr Collas, and congratulations on the fast start to your fundraising.

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