Monday, September 16, 2013

Box Jr.

Credit to the, through their Twitter account, for drawing my attention to "a classic Alpha Flight character's legacy" appearing in Marvel Comics' "Infinity: The Hunt" book.  Even assuming (accurately) that the character's contributions would be minimal, I had to pick up the book out of curiosity.

And I have to admit I was rather surprised.

Roger Bochs Jr studies at the Braddock Academy.  He represents the Academy in what is meant to be a version of the Contest of Champions mini-series from 1982.  In this story, various schools (including Avengers Academy, the Future Foundation, the Jean Grey School, etc.) are preparing to compete against one another for "the ultimate title of...champion!"

While never a personal favourite, to the best of my knowledge the Box character was quite popular.  It was refreshing, and easy to appreciate, having a paraplegic character on a superhero team.

But like many Alpha Flight characters during Bill Mantlo's run, much of what made Roger Bochs appealing was gradually striped away.  He was killed off in issue #49 of the original series.  The Box armour lived on through Madison Jeffries and his abilities to control metal, but Bochs was a one of those rare deaths that actually stuck.

That the Box armour would resurface is not cause for surprise, but that Roger Bochs had a son is, at least to me.  I'm going to look, but I can not recall any mention of a significant relationship in his background, much less having a kid.   Hopefully the series touches on that during its remaining three issues.

It also leads me to thinking of what could have been.  In the insultingly stupid third volume of Alpha Flight, it was revealed that Puck had a daughter.

Yeah, aside from that, you couldn't tell them apart.

Now "Puck II" appeared to be among the Flight characters killed in Avengers #16 (2006) but we all know how that goes.  Hell, Guardian alone has died about five times.

Shaman's daughter Talisman has already been a member of the team (and of Omega Flight, for that matter).  If the second Puck were to be revived, that would already be three second-generation characters.  And a varied bunch at that.

According to this Hunt series, there are "super schools" in Japan, England, Wakanda and in a number of locations in the United States.  Why not Canada?  If Marvel is fairly convinced that the Alpha Flight "brand" is dead, then perhaps a team of youngsters, many of whom have ties to the original team, is the method by which they can rejuvenate it.


  1. Roger had a son.


    Yeah, and how Box the first was written out...did not sit well with me.

    1. All right, so I'm not the only one who has absolutely no memory of such a thing ever being mentioned in the past. The revelation that he had a kid seemed awful...random.

    2. With Puck, you knew he had a checkered past and a lot of miles behind him. His having a daughter might therefore be a surprise but it would be in character to some extent.

      Roger...we never really got to know very well, did we?