Thursday, September 26, 2013

Join The Super Alliance!

It's kind of nice, from time to time, to get some Canadian superhero goodness in a format other than comics. 

The Super Alliance is a Vancouver-based web series that I found while browsing for Canadian content.  It's fairly new; the oldest video appearing on their youtube page dates back to only three weeks ago.

Let's cut to their pitch for a second...  
John Jupiter, a young eccentric television host, abruptly discovers that he has superpowers. He is invited to join the Super Alliance, a mysterious band of misfits who also possess superpowers.

John reluctantly joins the Super Alliance in their adventures as they all attempt to come to terms with the conditions of their existence.
...And cue the video!

So we have no Captain this and Doctor that.  We have "Jason" and "Rob" as part of a small group of ordinary people who can do extraordinary things for reasons as yet unrevealed.  In fact, judging from the second episode (also available for viewing) there is a fair amount that has yet to be revealed.

Entertaining stuff.  Of course, you can keep track of their progress through Facebook and Twitter.

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