Wednesday, October 23, 2013

2rue Patriot Cover Reveal

The image below was posted on the True Patriot Facebook page.  The TP2 team is preparing a launch party for their fundraising campaign on November 1st at The Comic Book Lounge and Gallery (587A College Street, Toronto).  The book's cover was partially shown as a teaser on October 16th and now a full view is displayed on the event page, although it is apparently not yet fully completed.  It is the work Tom Fowler and Jay Stephens.

When it was first revealed that a second volume would be forthcoming, I was told (on Twitter) that if I enjoyed the first book, I would be very happy with the line-up of the second.  Evidently so; the five characters above are all making return appearances.   Clockwise from top left we have: Arrowhead, Grey Owl, Raven Girl (Did that name hold up?  It's actually not used in-story), Dominion Jack and Superhero Girl.

A couple of the stories in the first volume concluded with a "next issue" blurb.  It'll be interesting to see whether those were actually applicable or just included for effect.

I admit that I'm a little worn out on Indiegogo and Kickstarter campaigns but I can't wait for ths one to begin.

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