Monday, October 28, 2013

Transonic of The Lights

Because I detest the X-Men, I'm only finding out now that in mid 2010, Marvel Comics introduced a Canadian character among a new group of mutants (because if there's one thing lacking in the Marvel Universe, it's a few more mutants).

The image below is a variant cover for Generation Hope #1 and it features one Laurie Tromette from Vancouver.  She would later adopt the nickname Transonic.  While the artwork is by Greg Land, I was not able to identify the porn actress he probably traced it from.

So what's Transonic's deal?  As I understand it, there was a period of time during which no more mutants were supposed to emerge.  Theoreticaly then, mutants were facing extinction.

Knowing Marvel Comics as we do, that scenario wasn't going to last very long.  Faster than you can say "We need more Wolverine books", Marvel opened the door for mutants to begin appearing again.  Laurie Tromette was the first of the Five Lights; The bunch of mutants that were introduced following that event.

Tromette made her first appearance in Uncanny X-Men #526.  She bookends the primary story.  In the first couple of pages, she is seen freaking out because she's in pain, her skin is turning blue and her hair is falling out.

I'm not sure what the issue is; Doesn't sound much different than my maple whiskey hangovers.

In any event, in the final few pages of main portion of the book, Tromette takes the only logical course of action in dealing with her discomfort and prepares to jump off a building.  But wouldn't you know it...

So that worked out nicely.  That is especially true for Hope Summers (that's her arm around 'sonic's waist in the above image), who also chose the most logical course of action when facing a suicide jumper.  That is, jump after her and try to talk her out of it in mid-drop.

Beyond that initial storyline, Transonic was a part of the Generation Hope series during its 17-issue duration and was later seen in the Avengers Academy book.

There was another Canadian-content surprise in this book.  No, not the mandatory Wolverine appearance, since nothing could be less surprising.  Rather, former Alpha Flight member Madison Jeffries pops by in a sub-plot in which members of the team tries to figure out why Kitty Pride can not turn off her phasing ability.  It's nothing more than a cameo but still an unexpected treat.

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