Thursday, November 28, 2013

Z'Isle: the Montreal-Based Zombie Apocalypse Comic Book Series

About once a week I browse Indiegogo and Kickstarter for new comic book projects.  Last week, I came across one that I thought looked pretty damn cool.  After a little Twitter and e-mail back and forth with creator Lateef Martin, I was sent the information below. 
My name is Lateef Martin, founder and Studio Director of Miscellaneum Studios, a start-up transmedia company.

One of our first projects is called Z'Isle: a comic set in Montreal seven years after a zombie infestation. Z'Isle follows the lives of various characters from different corners of the city and explore how they've balanced morally with survival, some with the hope of rebuilding Montreal to its former glory.  We also plan to dodge many of the clichéd tropes of the zombie genre and go beyond the expected.

Z'Isle is distinctly 'Montreal' and unlike any other zombie story out there. Here are a few reasons why:
  • most stories deal with trying to get away from the problem. Our story is set seven years after the zombie apocalypse and shows how people have built their lives around the problem of a zombie infestation.
  • bullets have run out a long time ago.  As Montreal is a city of bikes all weapons are made from bike parts.
  • societies have been built around zombies. Therefore there is a new generation who to consider zombies as just a regular thing. This give us a lot to play with in terms of conflicting world views, especially with those who lived I. The 'Old World'.
  • fans actively participate in expanding the world of Z'Isle.

This leads to our Indiegogo campaign where fans can actively contribute to the world! We create a character based on them and a short paragraph that could be an origin story, or just details about the character.  We then incorporate that into our overall story.

We also have other great rewards including printed copies of the comic, a soundtrack, t-shirts, stickers, buttons, posters, prop weapons from the story, and other gear characters use in the world of Z'Isle. The goal of our Indiegogo campaign is to create the first 6 issues: Volume 1of a trilogy.
Sounds and looks pretty wild.  The interactive part of it interesting; you can have your personal survival story recounted on the $25 perk level, and appear in the book as part of the $50 version.

Hmmm...I like the thought of being referred to as a "Nature Ninja"...

Here are the various ways by which to track their progress.

Tumblr: Z'
Twitter: @zisleseries
Instagram: Zisle

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