Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Misfits

MISFITS is the story of a ragtag, disorganized superhero team trying to get its act together. This is proving to be difficult when they spend more time at the bar than they do fighting crime.

Things get even worse for the Misfits when their most powerful member, Demonman, leaves the team to pursue a "regular life."

In this issue Demonman's new job interferes with his first date with a girl he's had a crush on for a long time. He also has problems with his landlord regarding his rent.

Oh yeah - and the Misfits battle a drug-addicted gorilla.

Misfits was produced by an international team of comic book creators.

Writer/Creator Brandon Rhiness and fellow Misfits creator Adam Storoschuk live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
I don't know what caused me to check for Can-Con when I first spotted the cover for Misfits #1 online.  Perhaps it was the inclusion of beer as a key story aspect that tipped me off to the possibility. ;-)

Reading the book, I'm reminded of the tagline for the movie Shaun of the Dead: "A Romantic Comedy.  With Zombies".  Though it contains its fair share of action, Misfits is primarily a "slice of life" type of book.  With superheroes.  And a zombie, come to think of it.

The story takes place in New Edmonton City (what happened to the original Edmonton??) shortly after Demonman has left the Misfits.  The creator biographies include a mention that the book was originally called "Demonman" and he is without a doubt the primary character. 

This first issue very capably does what it should; set the stage.  We now know what constitutes a standard day for Demonman and The Misfists and what challenges they face in reaching their respective goals.

Demonman tries to get a job, he tries to get the girl, but the aspect of his former team trying to get by without him is interesting as well.  Their difficulties are exacerbated by a local "Super Team" that is far more marketable to the general public than a gathering of beer drinkers and potheads like the Misfits.

Scripts for future issues of the series, and other projects by Higher Universe, are available on their website.  Among those other projects is a seven-part (at least to this point) series about a Misfit member named Grindcore and a solo issue about the previously-mentioned zombie character, and annoying mirror-enthusiast neighbour to Demonman, Elvis Brewer.

But first, the second issue of Misfits should be available sometime in the next few weeks  Here is the solicitation for that book.
The Misfits move into their new home and headquarters and it looks like the place might need some repairs.

A telepath from another planet joins the team and goes on a double date with Demonman.  Things do not go as planned.

The introduction of Telex coming in Misfits #2.
Hey, doesn't that guy look familiar..? ;-)

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