Saturday, December 14, 2013

Heroes of the North Novel and Season Two Character Guide

I haven't written about Heroes of the North much lately.  It's sometimes a little tricky with that bunch; Their reach is so far greater than mine that it feels pointless.  Plus, if I wrote a post every time they have something interesting to announce or mention, three quarters of my blog would be dedicated to repeating them.

There are a couple of items that I want to shine my little spotlight onto though in a "in case you missed it" kind of way.

Earlier this week, I received the signed copy of October Dawn that I ordered during the HotN's recent indiegogo campaign.  I'm only a few chapters in, but I'm already struck by how well writer Alan Draven has captured each character's "voice".  For example, 8-Ball's dialogue "sounds" like what I would expect to hear from him in any given web episode (profanity included).  If Draven had no prior involvement with the writing of the web  episodes, then he did a good job of transferring the personalities and relationships to the print format.

There is also a clear intent to include as many (all?) of the large cast of characters as possible.  That's not to suggest that those characters are being shoehorned into the story; They all (at least to this early point) have their part to play, well within the role that has been established already in the comics and episodes.  In particular, it's good to see Pacifica have a significant early appearance in the story.

Let's use the mention of a large cast as a segue to a neat feature the HotN crew have added to their website. They now have a page dedicated to displaying basic designs and bios of incoming Season Two characters.  Check that out here.

While I enjoy seeing the costume designs a great deal, I'm particularly excited at the hints at upcoming material.  Borealis, for example:
Origins: Find out in the upcoming Season 2 minisode and the Season 2 comic book story POLAR OPPOSITES by Christian Viel and Daniel Wong. Coming soon!
Will do!  Among those, the one I fond most interesting is for a character named Yellow Knife
Origins: Find out in the upcoming SEASON 2 minisode guest-starring Crimson called THE SWEETEST CUT, coming soon!
Guest-starring Crimson indeed!  A while back, it was pointed out that the back-story between these two characters goes back some ways.  An early photograph of Crimson displays a specific, eye-catching item tucked in her belt.

I don't believe it's appeared in any other story or promotion, but nonetheless, it's a neat set up.

The Heroes of the North team recently wrote (on Facebook) about the a busy week ahead in preparation for the Jackpot Origins episode.  While they create all the Season Two goodness, their Legacies graphic novel should be available in the first couple of months of the new year.

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