Sunday, December 15, 2013

"The Legion: Magic" available very soon

I noticed during preparation that this will be post # 200 for me.  The subject matter couldn't be much more appropriate as the Legion Unleashed comics were among my inspiration for starting this blog in the first place.

And those books are being re-released, after a fashion.  They will become available in prose format (officially said to be "novellas") instead.  Here's a portion of the Amazon solicitation:
Canada’s greatest heroes have been reborn in a brand new, pulp-style novel series!

As gifted men and women begin appearing around the world, Canada becomes the first country to form a team of super-humans dedicated to protecting the lives and freedoms of all humanity. But heroes cannot exist without villains and as the heroes gather together, great evil also begins to rise; not only from ancient realms but inside the hearts of men and women. It will take a Legion to keep the whole world Strong and Free.


The characters and stories in this series are based off the comic book series which was cancelled after two issues. The heroes have been redesigned, the stories updated and the book relaunched. Look for more Legion novels soon!

That's a new-look version of Black Flag on the cover.  I've written about him before; I enjoyed his all-too-few appearances in large part because he was the exact opposite of what you'd expect from a Canadian superhero.

I was initially a little surprised by the character's new image, but it grew on me quickly.  Simple reason: When I first laid eyes on him, I immediately thought of a Canadian version of Midnighter from the Authority book.

Truthfully though, I have no idea whether Black Flag was actually inspired by Midnighter.  But if one character reminds you of another so quickly, whether due to design or (and?) personality, that may not be a good thing.  Black Flag's new look goes a long way towards avoiding that, so I welcome it.  In fact, since the pitch implies that the whole team went through redesign, I'd be interested in seeing what the other characters now look like (sound like a blog entry of your own, Rick? ;-) )

So book one is about to become available (as I write this, the Amazon page is up, but no price is pricing information is available).  Can we expect the story to continue?  Sure sounds like it
I am not sure how many books will be released but I worked on this series in comics for ten years, so there are at least a dozen issues already plotted out that just need to be written up and expanded as novellas.
Legion isn't the only superhero offering from writer Richard Evans.  He has also penned another novel called Earth Man, also featuring a Canadian character.
In order to protect itself from an alien scourge, the planet Earth chooses a good-hearted Canadian to infuse with great power. Danny Boyle finds himself gifted with superhuman abilities and suddenly his simple life in Kelowna, British Columbia is turned upside down.

Three monsters no bigger than a flea descend to Earth, burrowing into the flesh of the living creatures of the planet and changing them into the perfect hosts. Their hunger has taken the Growth across the stars and they have left a thousand dead worlds in their wake. Mankind has no idea that evil now walks among them and Danny must quickly learn to decipher the strange clues the animals and the trees are sending him.

With the power of Earth’s animals at his command, Danny must find the hero inside of him before everything he knows and everyone he loves is lost.
Click on the cover to be taken to the Amazon page from which you can order the book.


  1. Thank you so much guys, I love you all!

    1. Happy to. Also happy to receive an e-mail this morning from Amazon telling me my order, which includes Earth Man, has shipped!

      Whenever I check on Legion on Amazon though, it states that it is out of stock. This is on the ".ca" version of amazon only, it does appear on the ".com" version.