Thursday, January 30, 2014

Captain Canuck returns to comics!

Sweet!  There were rumblings of new Captain Canuck comics from time to time during the build up to the animated series, but writer Kalman Andrasofszky talked about the project at length on this interview with

As a way of connecting the legacy classic Canuck to our reboot, each issue has a main story featuring new Captain Canuck, which is the one I’m doing, along with a short back-up featuring a brand new story about classic Canuck drawn by a rotating cast of Canadian artists. Our mandate is to keep all the creative Canadian. There is a lot of Canadian comic book talent that a lot of people don’t even know are Canadian. We want to use this as an opportunity to showcase some of them and to keep it a home-grown product like the original Canuck was. 
It’s a six issue arc that breaks into three 2 issue mini-arcs. It starts out with Captain Canuck and his newly formed organization Equilibrium addressing a crisis in the oil-sands where there’s some crazy things going on and everything’s on fire. That’s a two-part adventure to get us in the groove with the status quo and the cast.

That leads to a bigger mystery/crisis that relates to how Tom (Captain Canuck) got his powers. So the next two issues are his origin in flashback, which ties in directly to the conflict at hand.  Similar to the original Canuck, aliens are involved.  Unlike the original, that is definitely going to be running through the series, whereas in the original it was a bit throwaway. 
Unlike the shorts (so far, anyway,) another major character in our series is Tom’s brother Michael. He existed in the original comics, but wasn’t particularly important. In this, there’s very much a Thor/Loki dynamic between the two brothers.

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