Saturday, February 8, 2014

Heroes of the North treads new grounds in more ways than one for its New Season

The following is a press release from the fine folks behind the Heroes of the North.
Montreal, Quebec -Heroes of the North, the award-winning transmedia webseries about Canadian superheroes, launches its second Season on February 8th, 2014, with a first episode entitled Jackpot: Royal Flush.

Starring Dominique Arganese as Jackpot, the story written by Michel Brouillette follows the tribulations of Jackie Pothier, a martial arts instructor in a bad relationship with a compulsive gambler, William (Brad Hamelin). Having lost everything thanks to his shenanigans, she comes home one night to find ever more troubles as William's debtors want their money back. A night of violence ensues and it will forever transform Jackie, who will take on the identity of Jackpot, a vigilante-for-hire with an ambiguous moral code.
"Jackpot is the first of several new characters we are introducing for the second Season", stated Christian Viel, producer and director of the series. "Our goal is to introduce new characters for each province and territory and significantly expand the universe in the upcoming seasons."
To celebrate the new season, a complete revamp of the website has been effected. Another major change is that the second Season episodes will be available as Video-on-Demand: $0.99 gives you unlimited access to the episode for 24 hours. People can get monthly access by subscribing to a monthly pass for only $2.99.

Additionally, membership tiers have been introduced: a BRONZE membership will give you unlimited access to all the comic books and Episodes of the second Season for $4.95 a month. SILVER and GOLD membership gives you access to even more content: short films, behind the scenes, government files on each characters, exclusive comic books and monthly serials, etc. 
The second Season is comprised of 10 main episodes, with a duration of roughly 20 minutes and 5 "mini-sodes", in the 6-10 minutes range, which will introduce and feature some of the new characters introduced for the second Season. For more information, please visit our website
Founded in 2008, Movie Seals Digital Inc. is the proud producer of Heroes of the North, an award-winning transmedia web series about Canadian superheroes. With four more web properties currently in development and pre-production on Season 2 of Heroes of the North currently underway, Movie Seals Digital is looking forward to a bright web future! For more information about Movie Seals Digital, please visit
As an additional teaser, the HOTN revealed the cover of their next trade paperback, entitled New Beginnings and featuring the new season two characters, with our first leading lady prominently featured. The art is by Christopher Yao.

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