Saturday, January 11, 2014

Kade comes to Canada!

The last time Kade was mentioned on this blog, it was in regards to a "Canadian Northwest" version of the character that had yet to appear in a book (to the best of my knowledge) other than in pin-up form.

Around this time last year, I took advantage of a winter sale by publisher Arcana and bought the first book in the Kade series, entitled Original Sun.  While contemplating whether I should now buy the second (which I believe to be Sun of Perdition), I inadvertently stumbled upon the answer to my earlier question about Canadian Northwest Kade.
Cain, the first son and the first murderer, has spent a millennia trying to clear his name by clearing the earth of nonhumans. He's down to the final few names on his list, and in 1970s-era Canada, he's located one: Kade! Can Kade elude one of the deadliest men in history as well as a horde of demons hellbent on revenge? It has looked dark for Kade before, but never as dark as in the dim light of a Tribal Sun!
Unfortunately, the book is not available until late May (at least from Amazon).  Since my plan was to read Kade's adventure in chronological order, it might be a while until I get around to gettiong Tribal Sun.  But I'm nonetheless encouraged by the fact that there are still Kade stories on the horizon.  It had been a while since the last one was released and I thought perhaps we had hit all the points in time in which Kade had been involved.  Perhaps that's not the case.

Prior to this little find, I also noticed that some of the early Kade books were being published digitally on Comixology as individual issues.  There are a number of previews by which to get a sampling of what the character is all about and the type of talent that has brought him to life.

More good news: While looking up information about the book, I noticed that Intrinsic 2 is scheduled to be released on Free Comic Book Day this year (May 3rd, 2014).  I enjoyed the first series as a sampler of Arcana characters and will definitely be on board with this one as well.  Arcana has hit 2014 running.


  1. Sidebar question: are you keeping an eye out for European-created Canadian superheroes? Because I think I spotted about a dozen or so recently. Look up Hero Corp for details.

    1. I think I've found it. I'm going to give it a longer look.

      Captain Trois-Rivières. Lol...

  2. There's a graphic novel prequel to the TV show available. I spotted it at one of the Ottawa Public Library branches. It opens with their Capitaine Québec being arrested by a Montréal police SWAT team...

    1. I've watched a couple of clips on youtube and it seemed pretty funny. Thanks for directing my attention to this.