Sunday, May 25, 2014

Coming in September: The Athenian

There's not a lot I can add to the information posted below.  It is a copy and paste job from this deviantart page.  Thanks for making it easy, Nick.

This triptych is comprised of the first three covers for my upcoming comic The Athenian. 
Centering around the diminutive Anne Pike, Ottawa, Canada and the world will never be the same once she takes up the mantle of the Athenian! A jaunty, fast paced adventure through out the world, world history, and the time stream, our heroine the Athenian valiantly attempts to quell the daunting forces of chaos, and its arbiter Rask, the primordial Lord of Chaos.  
It's gonna be released twice a week, ad nauseam, hopefully kicking off sometime in September. I have the first 48 released written drawn and coloured (I have been busy) and this piece is me working through that content, and where the book goes from there.  
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