Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Dying Breed

The little lady below caught my eye a few days ago while I was doing my periodic review of new Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns.

Named Fennec Sands, and nicknamed The Aviator, she is the poster (or banner) girl for The Dying Breed comic book project that was recently launched.  The initial portion of its pitch made it seem awful likely that there'd be some Canadian content to look forward to therein.  Have a look:
Five people living in very remote and wild parts of North America each live a 'dying breed' lifestyle. Happy in their chosen lives they find themselves diagnosed with mysterious and chronic/terminal diseases. 
They all come together when they realize the source of their diseases came from the New Day Corporation and the owners Mitch and Orrin VanBeck aka The Brothers. 
The Dying Breed realizes they need to find a cure to save themselves, and that is the red algae which The Northeastern Mariner aka Machias St. John can help them find. The Brothers want it too, to patent and profit from in their Big Pahrm business.
Surely among five people living in "very remote and wild parts of North America", one would be Canadian.  But of course!  Creator E.J. Cedric confirmed as much on Twitter earlier today.
E.J. Cedric ‏
@TSOGblog You should check out The Dying Breed - Fennec Sands is French Canadian and many other Canadian ties to the story & comics!
E.J. directed me to his website about the book, which includes character bios. I could have sworn I'd found the site earlier in the week but did not come across the biographies because in addition to Fennec's, which begins...
French Canadian, grew up near Chicoutimi. Her father was a commercial pilot and a Catholic Quebecois. He wanted her to be a good Catholic girl, become a wife, and turn herself into a human-pez dispenser, shooting out little incense swinging French Canadian Catholic kids. Not Fennec's style, she rebelled and decided to never have kids nor ever be tied down. Instead, Fennec studied hard at McGill University in the engineering program while simultaneously earning her pilot's licence. Upon finishing her schooling she took several flying jobs until she landed a choice position as a test pilot with the Royal Canadian Air Force. 
It was here she was intrigued with the space program, specifically a joint US/Canadian Space Shuttle mission. She made passed the grueling tests and became one of the astronauts on the binational mission.
...We also have one Machias St. John (The Northeastern Mariner)
A man born of the sea, along the shores of the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick. Machias clings to the old ways, hand jigging for cod in his hand built sea dory, selling his catch along the docks of the bay to local restaurants, shops and people. Machias despises the industrial trawlers that have ruined the Grand Banks and fishing along the maritimes. He has a very particular distaste and hatred for the New Day Corp. and it's agri-businesses that have ruined not just the Grand Banks but the environment of his beloved eastern Canada.
E.J. Cedric mentions that the story also includes Saskatchewan and the Yukon.

I've gone ahead and thrown in.  It sounds like a cool, varied bunch of characters in any event, and the confirmed Canadian content just sealed the deal.  The campaign is geared towards funding the second issue, but one perk offers both issues in digital format for $5.00 (U.S.) or in both print and digital formats for $25.

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